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Rejuvenaging, Stop Living Sedentary, and Leadership Failures in Psychology and Medicine - Interview with Ron Kaiser

April 29, 2019

On today's episode, Cody Dakota has an interview with Ron Kaiser, PHD ABPP, who recently wrote the book "Rejevenaging - The Art and Science of Growing Older" and is the founder to The Mental Health Gym, and creator of Goal Achieving Psychology. Ron Kaiser came to a realization as he began to get older. The people who were around his age seemed to change for the worse, focused more on medications they were taking and talking about the past. Ron Kaiser decided to make it a mission of his to show people how to own the aging process, maintain mind and b ody productivity throughout all of life, and experience the joy of "feeling your age".


When Ron isn't doing research in his field, he is often spending time with the college students exercising and pursuing top physical shape at the university where he serves as a consulting psychologist. Even though he is 81, he seems as if he were in his 60's! He's also the author of two other books - “WHAT CAN GO RIGHT? The Thinking Person’s Guide to Making Good Things Happen,” and “THE MENTAL HEALTH GYM PLAYBOOK”


Find out more about Ron's work here:


Website: http://www.TheMentalHealthGym.com


Book - Rejuvenaging: https://www.amazon.com/Rejuvenaging-Science-Growing-Older-Enthusiasm/dp/1947368974


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