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Interview with Steven Sashen, Founder of Xero Shoes

April 8, 2019

"You can't be smart when you're stupid." - Steven Sashen


On today's episode, Cody Dakota has an Interview with Steven Sashen who is the founder of Xero Shoes. Steven decided to get back into sprinting after 30 years of a hiatus. After enduring 2 years of constant injuries, a friend recommended to try running barefoot. Steven joined a barefoot running club, and before he knew it he had run 5k without even realizing it, BAREFOOT! As a sprinter, never having ran more than a mile previously, he was fascinated with the idea of barefoot running and started to dive into the research which led him to founding Xero Shoes!


One aspect that Steven is proud of with Xero shoes is their ability to give back to the tribe that originally got the barefoot movement started, the Tarahumara Indians, also known as the Raramuri. Life is difficult in the Copper Canyon where this tribe resides, with little access to healthcare, clean water, food, and it is currently going through a drought. 5% of purchases of their DIY FeelTrue Sandal kits goes to support the Tarahumara Children's Hospital Fund. You can get the Sandals Here: https://xeroshoes.com/shop/outsoles/diy-feeltrue/

Alternatively, you can make a donation through Xero Shoes here, with the purchase of their shoes: https://xeroshoes.com/shop/donate/support-the-tarahumara/


In this episode, discover:

- Is Napoleon Hill full of non-sense?

- Is there any sense in the personal development world?

- What are the many psychological biases that we face when looking at winners and losers in the world of business?


Find out more about Steven Sashen's work at: https://xeroshoes.com/


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