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Emotional Potty Training, “Shoulding”, and Suicide - Interview with Rachel Kaplan

April 22, 2019

"Is it possible to eat food every day, never s#i+ and be physically healthy? Of course not. Similarly we cannot live in this intense world inundating us with stimulation, expect to not have our EMOTIONS move through us, and be emotionally healthy." - Rachel Kaplan


On today's Episode, Cody Dakota has an interview with Rachel Kaplan, M.A., M.F.T. who has been a licensed psychotherapist for the past 13 years and is the host of the Healing Feeling $#!+ Show. The suicide of her boyfriend in her teens led her to studying healing from a very young age, which fueled her to studying Eastern religions and spirituality in her undergraduate studies, Western psychological methodologies in graduate school receiving her masters in counseling psychology. Through all of her studies, Rachel believes that she has uncovered the most basic and absolutely necessary tenant of emotional healing.


Rachel's mission in life includes dismantling and reducing societal shame about having emotional pain, offering helpful tools and practices to support people having their emotions in ways that helps them heal the wound of never feeling like enough and impostor syndrome, and having fun since she believes that pain is nothing to hide or avoid, but rather something to get so effective with that self trust, emotional resilience and authentic expression is able to naturally emerge.


Find out more about Rachel's work here:


Healing Feeling $#!+ Show: http://healingfeelingshitshow.com/


Your Core Wound Quiz: https://www.yourcorewound.com/


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